Consulting Services

PCI has evolved out of an international consulting organization that has been active for twenty-five years, first in the corporate world with clients like American Express, Coca Cola, Cartier International and Corning Inc. and, subsequently, in the non-profit world with Save the Children, Aid to Artisans, The Ford Foundation, U.S. Committee for UNICEF and the World Agro-Forestry Center, to name a few.

Today PCI focuses its attention on the criminal justice field from its unique vantage point of management, marketing and strategic planning, building from its experience in both the for-profit and non-profit arenas. With a world-leading incarceration rate and reentry issues of unprecedented proportions in the United States, the entire field of incarceration, rehabilitation and safe return to society is destined to change (see P/PV's When the Gates Open: Ready4Work – A National Response to the Prisoner Reentry Crisis).

For the past ten years, PCI has been deeply involved in communication, planning and educational projects inside the prison system and in the public square. We are well suited to assist organizations that are interested in strategic plans to address incarceration and reentry issues as well as crime prevention programs that educate and train both the incarcerated and the public.

What We Do

  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Strategies for Programs and Services
  • Enterprise Development and Fundraising Strategies
  • Event Design and Implementation
  • Conference Design, Planning and Management
  • Facilitation for Board Retreats, Conferences and Workshops

Some Case Studies

  • A leading and unique PCI program founded in 1996 is Rehabilitation Through The Arts (RTA), a highly successful experiential theater arts project at Sing Sing Correctional Facility
  • Public awareness raising conferences: Can Anything Good Come out of Prison?
  • Successful fundraising programs for prison-related projects
  • Evaluative research on nation wide reentry issues
  • Comprehensive study of “Best Practices” for ex-prisoner reintegration
  • Accredited academic college programs for the incarcerated
  • Art show/exhibitions featuring prison art
  • Training conference on reentry issues
  • Published articles in newspapers and magazines on prison related issues
  • Exploratory visits to numerous prisons in this country and abroad

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