Can Anything Good Come Out of Prison?

The heart of Prison Communities International's public outreach and education is a conference called, "Can Anything Good Come Out of Prison?" Two successful conferences were held in 1999 and 2001, and a third conference is planned for 2006.

The conferences stem from the desire to educate the public on criminal justice issues and to connect the myriad of small faith and community-based organizations that are all working, often in isolation, on prison, criminal justice, and faith-and-justice issues. The goal is to provide a forum for people to come together to discuss programs and best practices, discover areas of potential collaboration and, as a group, to explore the most effective arenas for public and legislative advocacy and action.

PCI's conference has already made an impact on public education in addition to creating a forum for communication between community and faith-based organizations, individuals and criminal justice programs. We believe that this locally-organized, locally-based event can serve as a replicable model for future conferences to be held around the country.

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